Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Last Goodbye ~ Part 1

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Special Edition]

A brief word of advice to all Tolkien enthusiasts, LotR-lovers, Elf friends, Hobbit fans, Middle-earth-maniacs, etc., etc.:
purchase this song and bask in its beauty.
Then go see The Battle of the Five Armies at a theater near you so that you may be fully immersed in its magnificence.
Then wait six months for my extended thoughts on the song. :)

The Last Goodbye is melodically reminiscent of Into the West from the end of The Return of the King - definitely a point in its favor! This song is performed beautifully by Billy Boyd, and is a fully fitting finish to the Hobbit trilogy.


Christian said...

who knows, the battle of the five armies might be the worst one yet!

Christian said...

You call this a message!
your rates are going down!

Zoë said...

Indeed, such may truly be the case. But I find it unlikely. :]

Yes, m'dear Thanael, than you ever so much for pointing that out... 'cause I wasn't feeling bad enough about it already... ;)
I still haven't decided whether there is some value in posting short and poorly composed posts, or whether it is as I've always believed and I should only send forth my words when they've been carefully contemplated and expertly expanded over the course of a quarter of a year or so.
What thinkest thou?

The Quinn Family said...

I think that's a rotten idea... one post every 3 months or so! Let's hear what you think.
kiss, Mom

Zoë said...

Might take my pride down a few notches in the process. :]