Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alternate Blog Titles

Another guest post from my cousin Nathanael!

Let's have some fun shall we? Below are all the possible names that this blog could be switched to, bearing in mind the name MET will stick. But, there is enjoyment to be had!

Supreme Brilliant Rhythm (has a nice ring)

Ultimate Superb Tempo (a little fancy...)

Superlative Exceptional Pulse (this one is worth consideration)

Utmost Outstanding Measure (are you contemplating Zoe?)

Absolute First-rate Pace (bleah!, not good)

Maximum Unrivaled Metronome (it started out well...)

Extreme Unbeatable Foot-tapping (pun definitely intended!!)

Well, we sure have given Zoe something to think about. Have a good day y'all!

– Nathanael


Christian said...


Zoë said...

Good evening, fair cousin Christian!
What thinkest thou of this, this most interesting of propositions that has been presented to me? Think thee that my illustrious title, chosen with such forethought and care, shall be exchanged for any of these offerings? And, if such be in truth your mind on the matter, to which of the proposed names ought it to be changed?
~ the lady Zoeveria

(Would you believe the comment window underlined my fanciful name as a misspelling AND WANTED TO CHANGE IT TO VERIZON?! Good grief!)

Christian said...

that is weird!

Zoë said...

What, the spelling suggestion or my typing style? ;)

Christian said...

frankly? I would say kinda both...

Christian said...

Hey! this message is under a real category, not just guest post

Zoë said...