Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Purpose of this Blog

I shall now take a moment to explain why this blog exists!

I absolutely love music - it is a central part of my everyday life from the instant I wake up to the moment I go to bed! Music on the CD player when we are working, practicing the piano throughout the day, playing the four string banjo with my brothers, listening to songs on the radio in the car, mentally analyzing melodies to determine their timing and key, picking out tunes by ear and writing them down as sheet music, memorizing things through songs, listening to the thrilling soundtracks of favorite movies, and (my very favorite!) dancing to delightful tunes... I love music!

I am also exceedingly fond of writing, whether it is writing letters to friends, detailing the events of the day in my journal, or going off on a rapturous review of a particular song or dance. So, Mom said to me one day, "how would it be if you write about dance music in such a way and in a place that anyone interested may read it?" I liked this idea at once - and that, my friends, is why this blog exists!

Through this blog, I hope to share my passion for music and love of dancing, as well as various bits of information on the two. The posts are likely to be primarily on the music used for English Country Dances (the kind seen in the Jane Austen movies, usually done in longways sets and circles) and for early American dances, but I also intend to highlight some of the other musical styles I delight in, such as piano solos, fiddle tunes, Celtic music, classical pieces, select movie soundtracks, and any other magnificent music I may happen upon!

If you enjoy the descriptions of the featured melodies, you will doubtless wish to hear them for yourself! Thus, information on how to obtain quality recordings of the pieces in question will be provided. (Please note that, though it may seem otherwise, I am not advertising these recordings - I am merely strongly recommending that you purchase them. :-D ) For those of you more interested in the dancing side of things, videos and dance instructions will be included whenever possible.

Enjoy reading, dancing, and listening!


Christian said...

seriously, no comments on this message, it has been around for a good year now, HELLO!! elven princess, do you not read what your awesome cousin writes?!?!?

Christian said...

I meant my awesome cousin..

Zoë said...

heh heh heh

Say, you're right! Perhaps you can fix that, though... go 'round the blog and make sure all seventeen posts have at least one comment on them, okay? Thanks!

Some people, upon noticing such a glaring lack of comments, might begin to feel that their posts were not worth the notice of anyone at all. I am not like most people. I thought it beforehand. :]

Christian said...

I have in the last day made more comments on this blog than you have gotten in the last six months, I do not get it?