Friday, July 5, 2013

The Joy of Music

Praise God for the gift of music! What would life be like without it? A rather dull form of existence it would be, to my mind at least! Music is such a blessing!

Fiddles playing merrily amid the swirling leaves at a fall festival... bagpipes bringing their thrillingly powerful sound into Christmas carols in the wonderful whiteness of winter... flutes joyously welcoming the return of the flowers and beautiful breezes of spring... banjos picking and strumming at fun summertime picnics and parties... a piano for all seasons, and a violin for every time!

Silly songs for singing, story songs for remembering things, hymns for praising God, crazy songs for in the car, instrumentals for background, symphonies for studying, soaring soundtracks for reliving stirring scenes, and best of all, dance music - for the obvious! And for the joy of listening! I think very little could be worse than having once heard excellent music and then being cut off from it forever... it would be almost unbearable. Hearing is a miracle - and music is among the most wonderful things to hear!


Anonymous said...

Great Job Zoe, Grandma Marge

Zoë Quinn said...

Glad you like the blogs!

Christian said...

you know, Ironically, this is how long my message I wrote was for the blog, it is like the first and the latest posts are the same size!

Zoë said...

This must be the shortest thing I've ever written! Timestamps for my journal entries use more words! (slight exaggeration there...)

Christian said...

you think?

Zoë said...

Here, I'll type up a fictional example:

2014-12-11 Thursday (aka the best day of the week, this time one of the highlights of the month, and as this is the month of December, necessarily one of the highlights of the year); entry begun at 11:49 and thirty-two seconds post meridian; written while in a playful frame of mind and with all the intellect that can be expected of one when it is nearly midnight.

No, I didn't actually write this as my journal timestamp last night. (In truth, I didn't even write an entry.) Frequently, though, my preambles are longer than the messages they precede!